Manage your sales team and skyrocket their results in realtime.

With TeamJeenyus – Coach. Onboard. Train. Communicate. Personalize each buyer’s experience. Manage sales content. Build team culture. And easily measure your ROI.

All in one app your team will love using.


Is Your Sales Team Ready?

Meet TeamJeenyus, the simple to use sales
readiness solution your entire sales team will love

Everything you need right
in front of you.

Team jeenyus sales coaching
Sales Coaching

Help your team reach their
full potential with sales coaching

Sales Enablement
Sales Enablement

Keep every team member prepared whether distributed or co-located

grow sales Performance

Manage your sales team, gain insight into the progress and skyrocket their results in realtime.

onboarding proces

Simplify adding and training new employees. Set them up for immediate success

Team Jeenyus sales enablement

TeamJeenyus loves selling.
And we really love helping sales teams hit quota!

Who is TeamJeenyus?

TeamJeenyus is a team of sales professionals that have been selling for 30+ years. We love to sell and understand how good sales teams perform, and if the software can get out of the seller’s way, the more productive they are.

We built TeamJeenyus to make that happen so modern sales leaders can train, coach, assess and enable their sales teams for optimum success. And sales reps can sell more effectively, create a personal sales experiences for buyers, and not be bothered by difficult software holding up their day.

Sales reps only spend 33% of their day selling.

Make selling more personal. Let your reps focus on selling.

sales experience

Personalized Sales Content for Every Buyer

StoryTeller – the ultimate PERSONALIZED digital leave behind/post demo follow up. A self driving, buyer centered sales experience, putting your top performing content in one experience focused on THAT buyer.. No more PowerPoints or sales decks. Make emotion work for you.

Remote Coaching and training with Video

Provide coaching 1-1 or in groups of sales reps on specific topics when you know they need it, not at the end of the quarter . Team members can record video pitches or upload entire sales demos for review with managers or share with peers to improve team wide performance.

sales training
team jeenyus

Content Management Hub

Just in time content, separated by type – PDF, video,
white paper, etc equips salespeople with the right content for every conversation, every time.

Remote Onboarding and Training

Onboarding new employees with a shorter ramp up time . Give them the training, practice, and reinforcement they need to hit the ground running. Create interactive sales courses and simulate real-life scenarios with role-plays and video recordings.

sales performance management tools
sales readiness

Video, Team chat, Communication

Video chat, team chat 1 on 1, group, and team directory with biographies – foster team cohesiveness in remote teams

Gamified Training and Custom Course Creation

Ai gamified training and learning center
environment with quizzes, video assignments, awards, and certifications. Visualize readiness with individual report cards. Diagnose problems and skill gaps faster.

sales readiness
sales readiness

MyJeenyus Personal in-app Storage

Keep your notes, script ideas, points to remember, target customer ideas in one spot – not across many storage solutions. Stop trying to find your great thoughts in docs, drives, apps, and notes. Always know where your genius is!

Custom Branded Interface*

Deliver all onboarding, training, and
communication in a branded experience
keeping you on-brand.

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* Enterprise accounts