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Unlock Your Company’s True Potential with Online Sales Coaching

Whether your business is just starting out or you’ve been around the block a few times, you know that your team’s success depends on their ability to make sales. However, not everyone has the knack to be a top-notch salesperson.

Even if they do have some natural talent, there is always room for improvement. You need a way to turn your average staff into a well-oiled machine that can quickly and efficiently close deals—keeping customers coming back for more.

The solution? Bringing in a talented, experienced sales coach that will help you get the most out of each person on your team.

The Role of an Effective Sales Coach

We all know that sales reps are the ultimate problem-solvers in the business world. They use their skills to pinpoint what a customer needs and how best to fulfill it. But sometimes, even they need some help. That’s where a sales coach comes in.

Sales coaching is an approach that focuses on improving the performance of your sales team by helping each member develop the skills required to successfully fulfill their role.

Sales coaches are experienced professionals who have extensive knowledge of both selling and training. They use their expertise to help your team learn how to better perform various tasks related to selling, such as:

effectively communicating with customers
using customer service skills to build relationships with potential buyers
understanding how specific products can benefit customers
addressing customer objections
closing deals

Once hired, sales coaches begin working with sales leaders and agents to help enhance their sales activities, abilities, and mindset. They meet with reps on an individual or group basis to teach them new techniques, uncover opportunities for improvement, overcome challenges, and offer support where needed. In short: they’re there to “catch” sales reps when they fall so that they can get back up quickly and masterfully walk that tightrope between success and failure.

Coaching is one of the most practical learning methods since it’s generally question-based. Rather than telling someone what they need to know or do, it lets them create their own responses, thoughts, and feelings.

If you’re aiming to up your sales game, chances are that a sales coach can help.

Advantages of Online Sales Coaching

Unlike traditional sales training programs, online sales coaching is straightforward. Its versatility assists both the sales coach and the sales representative achieve training objectives faster.

For instance, tracking your reps’ skill development is critical if you want to keep tabs on how far they’ve come—online sales training software helps speed up this process. Now metrics, observations, and reflections can all be accessed from the same system.

Online sales coaching is also convenient for sales reps since they can see their goals and feedback at any time. There’s no need to confine coaching to in-person meetings when you can check your own stats whenever you want!

Examined data will help recognize coaching opportunities immediately. This ability lets you offer invaluable assistance to your reps at pivotal turning points in their development.

Furthermore, online sales coaching is customizable and scalable. Regardless of the size of your company, sales coaches can work with each individual sales professional to design a customized plan. Tailor-made programs will help your sales reps reach their goals, ultimately driving business growth.
Why is Sales Coaching Important?
Sales coaching is essential because it improves performance, which in turn boosts results. The world of professional selling can often be challenging, especially when outcomes do not go your way. Coaching provides a safe place to openly discuss issues and gain a new perspective on the situation.

Sales coaching can help with the following situations:

when you want to refine your skills
when you are not closing deals as often as you would like
when your pipeline is low, and you need to prospect more effectively
when too many deals in your pipeline are not moving forward
when you have a lack of motivation or commitment to succeed
when  developing a new skill and want support and guidance along the way

Coaching allows for more open dialogue between the seller, manager, and anyone else involved in the process. Having an online coach available is helpful as they can immediately provide support, guidance, and feedback on issues as they arise.

Improve Sales Team Performance

So exactly how does coaching help your sales team? Glad you asked! Sales coaching helps professionals overcome challenges that would otherwise impede their progress. It’s also a great way for seasoned sellers to stay ahead of the curve in a competitive and ever-changing industry.

An expert sales coach will help identify the strengths and weaknesses in your sales team and provide insight on how to fill in any gaps that may be present. With this priceless information, you’ll be able to build a more robust sales organization that’s not only more effective at generating revenue, but also outshines the competition.

One of the most compelling advantages of hiring a first-rate coach is that they can provide you with honest feedback and a fresh outside perspective on your entire sales operation. A coach will also have access to specialized tools and programs typically unavailable elsewhere.

They’ll systematically help you pinpoint what needs refinement on your sales team so you can focus more time and energy on those areas without requiring extra resources from within your company.

In addition, coaches are trained experts who will be able to help your team stay motivated through tough times at work or when things don’t go as planned during meetings with prospects. This ensures everyone stays positive and focused no matter how long it takes before they close their next deal!

Facts and Stats: Key Metrics for Sales Coaching Success

Have you ever wondered what impact online sales coaching could have on your team’s performance? Are you weighing whether or not it’s worth the time and effort?

Proper sales coaching can definitely help enhance your sales team’s execution. In contrast, if you don’t bother with coaching or even take the wrong approach, it can also hinder your overall performance. Take a look at these eye-opening sales coaching statistics for some motivation on improving your coaching approach.

reps who absorb just 3 hours of coaching per month raise closing rates by 70% and exceed their revenue goals by 7% (SalesHacker Report)
quality sales coaching can boost the performance of the middle 60% of a company's sales team by up to 19% (Harvard Business Review)
92% of reps state that access to professional development training is mission-critical (BetterBuys Report)
star performers who feel they receive excellent coaching are 57% more likely to stay with a company (SalesHacker Report)
for optimal results, spend 90% of one-to-one coaching time on forward-thinking strategic dialog, only 10% on reviewing past KPIs (SalesHacker Report)
approximately 75% of business leaders admit to struggling with their sales coaching efforts (SalesFuel Research)
post-training reinforcement is used by less than half of companies, although it helps first-year sales agents hit quota by 34% (Aberdeen Group Study)
nearly 70% of sales initiatives fall short of their objectives from a lack of proper training and support (Training Industry Analysis)

When your business is built on selling, it’s essential to keep a competitive edge by investing in every facet of your sales operation. This includes the team members who are interacting with your customers every day.

Whether you require individualized or group coaching, B2C or B2B sales coaching, having a top-notch online sales coach in your corner will get your sales department to the next level.

Get Ready to Supercharge Your Sales Team

As sales leaders, we want to give our sales reps what they need to succeed. But with everything else going on in our fast-paced economy, it can be hard to find the time and resources to enable your team.

Fortunately, there’s a better way! At TeamJeenyus, thirty years of experience selling in a variety of industries have given us a unique perspective. We understand firsthand how successful teams operate and how to boost results through training, coaching, assessment, and enablement. That’s why we developed cutting-edge software that does it all—so you don’t have to worry about any of the logistics.

With TeamJeenyus, you can ensure your sales team has exactly what they need to get the job done—from practical training that teaches the skills necessary for successful selling to reliable data that helps analyze performance and make key adjustments.

With TeamJeenyus, you get it all.

Dynamic Coaching: We assist your sales team in realizing its full potential. Ready to boost revenue and drive growth?
Advanced Onboarding: Make hiring and training new employees a breeze. We'll put them in a position to succeed right away
Sales Readiness: Whether your team is distributed or co-located, we make sure everyone is ready to sell
Performance Metrics: Gain real-time insights into your team's progress and skill level

Soon, you’ll see exactly where your team is excelling and which areas they need to improve in. You’ll also be able to measure your reps’ performance against our industry benchmarks and then set goals based on their results. Pair those insights with our powerful coaching tools, and you’ll have everything you need to build a world-class sales team—and watch them crush those quotas!

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